Foraged Foliage and Farm-picked Dahlias

These pieces were out together for Rosh Hashanah Services at Temple Or'Shalom. They were my New Year mitzvah! Stems of cream stock, deep blue monkshood, fluffy, fluffy ranunculus, some really interesting greens, as well as some foliage foraged from the woods in Vermont were the frame holding this piece together. 

The main lady on this stage however was freshly picked dahlias from the farm where we get our CSA: River Crest Farm. They're amazing over there and let me come walk around in their fields and pick all the pretty blossoms I wanted. I kept my gluttony to a minimum, however, and just sprinkled them throughout the two final pieces.

I think my arrangements were a little wilder than the ladies at the Temple expected, but I like that they look like they could be growing right beneath an amazing fall maple. My stark but luxurious pieces for Yom Kippur were much more up their alley.