Storybook White + Gold Wedding | St. Clement's Castle | Sarah + Austin

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From the bride:

[First Blush] has a great eye for what combination of flowers and colors will go together and it made for a lovely addition to our wedding decorations!

Sarah and Austin got married on a toasty June afternoon at St. Clement's Castle. This wedding was especially special to me since Sarah and I have known each other since we were kids! Her sister and I played soccer together when we were little (her dad was our coach!), and we all played in high school together. It was an incredible opportunity to be a part of her wedding and to celebrate with her whole family. We stayed to watch the ceremony and thank goodness we did! You can check out why in this post here: 

I had initially planned on using lisianthus as one of her blossoms but the peonies were just absolutely spectacular so I added them in as a surprise to the bride. The campanula was also a last minute decision and I think both flowers elevated the design. Our palette was white and ivory with touches of light pink.  

Congratulations Sarah and Austin! I wish you all of the best.

Rose & Sheila's Wedding

Rose is one of my favorite people in the entire world and one of my best friends. Her partner (and now wife!), Sheila, is the perfect counter-balance to Rose and a delightful person. I am so happy they found each other and delighted they let me be a part of their love-filled celebration. 

Rose and Sheila love the outdoors and hiking with their dog, Brady. They had initially looked at doing an outdoor wedding but decided against it in the end. We still wanted to bring as much of a wild, local vibe to the design as possible, however, so I focused on bringing that element into the flower arrangements. I foraged for the material used on the ceremony arch, as well as for the blossoms used in the two large pieces in the lobby. I mixed in a local shrub (I couldn't find anyone to identify it, sorry) into the centerpieces to give them an interesting texture. They were also ahead of the trend when they chose violet as their focus color as Pantone announced Ultra-Violet as their 2018 Color of the Year! We wanted to balance out the various tones of purple with deep greens and touches of cream to keep the palette seasonally relevant. 

Since there were two brides, I wanted to make sure their bouquets had two distinct personalities. Rose's bouquet was larger and a little more wild, while Sheila's was petite and sophisticated. I had their bridesmaid's bouquets mirror their bride's style to help keep everything visually consistent. Rose and her father built the copper arch used in the ceremony. 

They had a super hip photographer who captured some incredible shots in their unique venue. Here are some photos from their celebration from this past October in New Milford. I'm so excited to share these with you! 

Rose Sheila WEB-106.jpg
Rose Sheila WEB-114.jpg
Rose Sheila WEB-291.jpg
Rose Sheila WEB-394.jpg
Rose Sheila WEB-407.jpg
Here's us with Rosie!

Here's us with Rosie!


VENDORS: Wedding Venue: 19 Main / Photography:  Parenthesis Photography / Catering: David Alan Catering / Floral & Event Design: First Blush Event and Floral Design / Wedding Planner: Slainte Event Planning / Wedding Dresses: David's Bridal / Hair & Makeup:  Paras Style / Invitations: AV Costa

Adorable Bridesmaid's Boxes

Last post we talked about putting together some awesome dude boxes, but we absolutely cannot forget the ladies that TRULY make a wedding possible. The groomsmen may keep your groom’s feet warm with good tequila, but your squad is the one who puts in all the hours tying tiny ribbons onto favors and listening to you cry about table assignments (though in my case it was cutting 500 petals out of Italian crepe paper and magicking them into gardenias – thank you Kayla, Lola, Lily, Melissa, and Rose).  That being said, curating these was just as much fun!

To start, the girls got the same packaging as the hotel boxes because I legitimately order 200 of them. That’s what you get for going wholesale. Seriously though, we’re keeping the event branding consistent. But! To make them more unique I ordered custom vinyl decals, which they could peel off and use again. I ordered them from this Etsy shop.

What gift wouldn’t be complete without an adorable notebook? These are one of those items that I love getting and people love giving, but never really find a use for. Instead I have them stashed all over my house, just in case I have a fantastical idea that just needs to be jotted down. Anyway, I love these ones from Rifle Paper. I also ordered these cute Compliment Cards from the same site: Belle & Blush. They have the most stylish collection of items! You could honestly do your entire bridal party from this one site! The adorable cuzie’s also came from there but I would recommend mini bottles of champagne or rose instead. In my case, we were drinking scotch, so we didn’t need champagne. Because we’re awesome.

Finally, I gifted everyone a Korean Sheet Masks (I love these, these, and these - click here for $5.00 off) for post-wedding relaxation and reHYDRATION. Drinking water is the best way to keep the body’s hangover at bay and siting for 20-30 minutes with one of these bad boys is the best way to keep your skin looking 16 forever. I also decided handmade soap would be a nice touch and would give the boxes a great smell... which it did.

We gave these out while everyone was getting ready the morning-of and started the day off with lots of hugs and smiles. Then, we got all dolled up and got married!

Cole + Kiera Photography did a great job shooting the boxes:

Curated Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Putting together a groomsmen gift can be fun no matter what your budget is. There are some great options for pre-made gift sets or going old school and getting monogramed wallet clips or flasks. Check out Etsy for your handmade items and department store luxury at Bloomingdales or Nordstrom.

If you have the time though, putting together something specific to your groom and his guys can make for an epic moment. Especially since it’s a wedding and full of girly-girl sparkles and tulle, this is a great place to go with some classic bro-bonding gifts without compromising on the design of the overall event. AKA, feel free to throw in some cigars, whiskey, and some Tylenol for the morning after.

I’m going to show you what I curated for my husband’s groomsmen’s gifts and how I put everything together. Firstly, this is one of those projects you will have to have at least one conversation with your man about, unlike whether or not the napkins should match the linens.

What does he want to achieve with this gift? It sounds like a easy question, but having a conversation about how he wants his best friends to remember this simple token of appreciation can be the difference between putting together an epic “thank-you” for dressing up and standing in front of 100 people while people say sappy things to one another, or giving them something that sits in their closet for the rest of their life (*cough* every bridesmaid’s dress ever*). It’ll also mean the difference in money between simply ordering custom monogramed gifts or ordering everything a year-long beer-of-the-month-club. There’s a happy middle ground between your budget and your wildest dreams. Believe me, I’m an expert at toeing the line.

In our case, my groom wanted to accessorize our guys for the whole event from rehearsal dinner/Jewish wedding to the end of the party. Here are all of the components.

Now, unfortunately I don’t have a great photo of everything laid out like with the bridesmaids’ gift because once the guys got their hands on these, they were pretty much taken apart, but I did snap this shot on my iPhone and post it to Instagram while I was working on them. What you can’t see is the lid, which I had foil-pressed silver letters for each groom’s name, right above the cigar make. At first glance it all looked like one custom piece.

  1. Pocket-Squares – we got our pocket squares and ties at The Tie Bar because they are amazing. Everything is well-priced, there are a bajillion colors, and they are super on top of the current style trends. I’m honestly not sure how I ended up with the most classic of all wedding colors, pink and navy, but it happened. Sue me. We had the guys rent light gray suits, and had these pops of color accent them. The girls had touches of blush and light pink in their bouquets.

  2. Notebooks – Honestly, the dollar section at Michaels and Target is the best place ever for buying random filler items like this. What is a 2016 wedding party without a mustache SOMEWHERE??

  3. Liquor – mini shot bottles are the cutest! Knob Creek has a real glass mini bottle and my husband really likes them, so this is what we went with. It felt expensive and everyone could pre-game while getting dressed.

  4. Tie – See number one for all of the reasons why I love The Tie Bar.

  5. Clever Container – I went with cigar boxes for this because my husband and his high school friends hang out at this awesome bar in New Haven called Owl Shop. I tolerate the smell of tobacco because their whiskey and scotch collection is amaze-balls. This is an ode to his former bachelor days, hanging out at bars full of dudes.

  6. Fun Socks – See how I said FUN socks, not just socks? This is important because there is nothing worse than a pair of boring navy dress socks. Nothing. Plus, fun socks is one of Dan’s things and he thought this reproduction of “The Kiss” by Klimt was romantic and fun. Note: this was the only yellow in the entire wedding.

  7. Robert Downey Jr. – I put this in there because, c’mon. Don’t they all want to feel like this on their wedding day? Or at least their best friend’s wedding day

So there you have it! I'll update with some more gift idea sets as they come to me. 



Bridal Shower Tulips

My bridal shower was this past April at the Ethan Allen Hotel. I did the flowers (of course) and my mom made the runners from this great fabric I found by Nicole Miller for Joann Fabric. You can see how great the texture is under the centerpieces. For the flowers, I used a selection of novelty dutch tulips from Holland in tea pots sourced from thrift stores all over Connecticut for this event. Nothing matched and everything was very eclectic, but the fabulous tulips pulled everything together. 

Each guest was given a teacup, also collected from across the state. Imagine the lives these teacups had lead before being filled with some of Dan and my favorite hot beverage items! We had a bag of Japanese green tea or sencha (Harney and Sons has a green option in an easy tea bag), some cuban coffee (Cafe Bustelo, to be exact), a little vial of sugar, and Bonne Maman Mini Honey Jars. 

I wore a crop-top from Forever 21 with this amazing tulle skirt and these truly fabulous heels by Jessica Simpson.  Here's a shot of me wearing my extremely fluffy bows and ribbon hat made my by sister and cousin.