photo shoot

Rosé all Day

Earlier this summer I participated in a photoshoot involving an amazing group of local boss ladies. I was invited to design the flower arrangements by Karen of Small Kitchen, Big Taste who is an amazing local chef! She was helped along by the inspiring lifestyle and fashion blogger behind Finding Silver Linings. Together we have this! You can check out Mindy's original post here but I wanted to give some more detailed shots from the incredible Bridget Hecht on my blog! 

My favorite part about these photos are the cows, seriously. How adorable?

I used two types of roses, two types of queen anne's lace, silver brunia, dahlias, and silver dollar eucalyptus. The vases were all picked up from Target. I really wanted to do something in marble and these were perfect! For a larger party, I probably couldn't get away with spending $13 on each floral container but for a small shoot like this, it was the perfect touch. 


Catering:  Small Kitchen Big Taste

Flowers: Emma Kate MacHugh / First Blush Weddings

Photography: Brigid Hecht

Location:  Heritage Homestead

Stemware: Glazze Crystal

Banner: Poshahoolie

Wine:  VieVite


This is a lovely photo of Karen, who organized this whole thing! Much love to her.