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Adorable Bridesmaid's Boxes

Last post we talked about putting together some awesome dude boxes, but we absolutely cannot forget the ladies that TRULY make a wedding possible. The groomsmen may keep your groom’s feet warm with good tequila, but your squad is the one who puts in all the hours tying tiny ribbons onto favors and listening to you cry about table assignments (though in my case it was cutting 500 petals out of Italian crepe paper and magicking them into gardenias – thank you Kayla, Lola, Lily, Melissa, and Rose).  That being said, curating these was just as much fun!

To start, the girls got the same packaging as the hotel boxes because I legitimately order 200 of them. That’s what you get for going wholesale. Seriously though, we’re keeping the event branding consistent. But! To make them more unique I ordered custom vinyl decals, which they could peel off and use again. I ordered them from this Etsy shop.

What gift wouldn’t be complete without an adorable notebook? These are one of those items that I love getting and people love giving, but never really find a use for. Instead I have them stashed all over my house, just in case I have a fantastical idea that just needs to be jotted down. Anyway, I love these ones from Rifle Paper. I also ordered these cute Compliment Cards from the same site: Belle & Blush. They have the most stylish collection of items! You could honestly do your entire bridal party from this one site! The adorable cuzie’s also came from there but I would recommend mini bottles of champagne or rose instead. In my case, we were drinking scotch, so we didn’t need champagne. Because we’re awesome.

Finally, I gifted everyone a Korean Sheet Masks (I love these, these, and these - click here for $5.00 off) for post-wedding relaxation and reHYDRATION. Drinking water is the best way to keep the body’s hangover at bay and siting for 20-30 minutes with one of these bad boys is the best way to keep your skin looking 16 forever. I also decided handmade soap would be a nice touch and would give the boxes a great smell... which it did.

We gave these out while everyone was getting ready the morning-of and started the day off with lots of hugs and smiles. Then, we got all dolled up and got married!

Cole + Kiera Photography did a great job shooting the boxes: