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Here, we are one geography:
every part of us inked on a map
where, across all the blue waters,
continents’ edges inexplicably match.

earth-friendly practices 

Flowers need good soil, good air, and good sunlight to grow. We believe that in order to continue making beautiful arrangements to celebrate people's most celebrated moments, we have to embrace our environment by treating it with care. Below of are some of the core principles we adhere to in order to ensure there will be beauty in our fields for generations to come:

  • All leftover organic materials (stems, leaves, buds) are composted and used in a local garden 

  • Instead of using floral foam, we create resuable structures for our larger arrangements using chicken wire and water tubes

  • We get what flowers we can from local farms and what flowers cannot be sourced locally are purchased directly from farms, cut to order, and overnighted to our location

  • We also save energy by ordering our flowers this way. The standard supply chain traditional florists participate in must keep stems cold for up to 2 weeks, as they travel from farm to warehouse, to florist's shop, meaning hundreds of hours of refrigeration and the associated energy use. 

  • A lot of our vases, especially for vintage and eclectic weddings, are sourced from Goodwill and other thrift stores and donated back once the event is over